Friday, May 19, 2006

The Iraq behind the media mirage

Accurately portraying events in Iraq is a difficult thing for a news agency to do. In most cases, they send reporters to a country those reporters do not know well themselves, and what we get is news created out expediency that focuses on the things any beat reporter could cover. That's why articles like this one by Amir Taheri are important. Anyone who wants to get the fullest picture of Iraq that they can should read Taheri's piece. He has a familiarity with the nation that goes back 40 years, and he shows many indicators that Iraq is moving in the right direction, indicators most reporters miss.

Does Taheri's piece focus exclusively on the good in Iraq? Yes, but only because there are others who are doing a fine job of broadcasting the negative. Ameri's piece is an attempt to clear the picture of Iraq for Americans who have a distortedly negative view of what is going on over there. Read the entire thing, even though it is long.

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