Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Coddled Chelsea Clinton

"Pimped out." By now, everyone knows the significance of that phrase. Because MSNBC substitute host David Shuster used that colloquialism (somewhat incorrectly, I might add), he's now a suspended substitute host at MSNBC, all because the Clintons raised a fuss in order to protect their little girl. I supported the Clintons' overprotection of Chelsea during Bill's presidency, much as I supported the Bushes' overprotection of Jenna and Barbara. The media is at its irresponsible worst when it attacks the teenage to college aged children of presidents or other politicians. Chelsea Clinton is no longer in that category, though, and the Clintons are continuing to build a very high wall around her. If Chelsea were not involved in Hillary's campaign, I could understand that, too. But she is. She is an adult woman helping in a political campaign, and as such she is fair game, just as any other member of any presidential campaign.

It is fair to question whether Hillary Clinton is using her daughter for her own political good. Granted, Shuster chose a fairly ineloquent way of doing so, but it was not a slur, period. MSNBC's cowardice is another, different example of the media at its worse, but this time it is example of the media's weak spine. This should surprise nobody, though. The media has been cowed by Clinton handlers every time a reporter has even attempted to acknowledge Chelsea on the campaign trail.

We should just all be thankful that Shuster didn't use the correct colloquialism, because the Clinton outrage would have been difficult to stomach. I have little doubt that Hillary is indeed whoring her daughter out politically for her own good. And for the record, pimping or whoring, that's ultimately a criticism of the Clinton campaign, not Chelsea.

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