Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Use 'Em & Lose 'Em, Hillary Clinton Style

When you are Democratic presidential candidate and United States Senator Hillary Clinton, you can request a polka band to play at your campaign stop and then skip town without paying them.

Whitewater’s Steve Meisner, a nationally known polka bandleader, doesn’t want political campaign rhetoric landing on the keys of his accordion.

The Steve Meisner Band played at Hillary Clinton’s rally Monday evening at the Monona Terrace.

It was on short notice, and the band requested $200 for the time and effort and a photo op with the New York Democrat. Not much considering the campaign communications director had announced online fund raising garnered $15 million in 15 days this month, according to several Web sites.

The band left without a penny or a Polaroid.

$200 is pretty cheap, so it isn't as though Meisner was gouging them, and I'm sure that the check is in the mail, as long as they didn't bring her on stage to the tune of "Too Fat Polka."

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