Saturday, February 02, 2008

UW Whitewater Opens New University Center

A piece of UWW's building splurge opens:

While most of the James R. Connor University Center was being razed and rebuilt, the campus community walked the fence perimeter, trudging up ramps and grumbling about the inconvenience.

But now the complaints have faded in the shadow of a new University Center that recently opened to rave reviews from students.

The building was dedicated today.

I find myself oddly nostalgic for that dump of a UC that marked my five years at UWW. The last time I was in the old UC was when Ward Churchill made his infamous visit to the university. Soon the university will be opening a new building for the business college, and another prison like building of my college years will be converted to offices. Future UWW grads are going to be somehow softer for it.

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