Monday, June 28, 2004

Crib Notes

*Today’s Crib Notes begins with a hearty congratulations to Iraq for its newly transferred sovereignty.
*Was it just me, or was Colin Powell noticeably not included in the Blair-Bush-Rumsfeld mini-celebration at the NATO Summit this morning. While those three were exchanging notes, smiles, and handshakes, Colin kept his gaze forward. If anything, he looked like he was receiving a rectal examine.
*I somehow missed this two weeks ago, but Michael Ledeen at NRO has a good article on Iran.
*Michael Reagan comes out in opposition to stem cell research. Why isn’t this getting little headlines all over like Ron Reagan’s opinions do?
*Opinion Journal asserts that the Democrats’ support of abortion has cost them voters and elections since 1992 because they are essentially extinguishing their political gene pool.
*Dick Cheney’s curse on the Senate Floor has been getting a lot of attention. People who were cool with John ‘F’ Kerry’s cursing are now up in arms, or talking about the loss of civility in today’s politics (tell that to Alexander Hamilton). Has cursing become more publicly acceptable over the years? Yes. Has the impact of curse words softened over the years? Yes. Have other curse words maintained their status as unutterable? Try saying the 'C' word in a room full of femi-fascists. Curse words are a product of their culture. Face it, over the years, with sexual liberation and a general loosening of mores (or, the liberal/baby boom agenda), some curse words just aren’t shocking anymore and thus more blue than a curse.
*"Let Freedom Reign". Tough to say it any better than that.