Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Link-No Link

Friday was an angry day for myself and a friend of mine. We started off on a bad note with the "no link between Iraq and al Qaeda" bunk, and then moved on to the beheading news of Paul Johnson. What terrible news that must have been for his family just before Father's Day. With all of this as a back drop, my friend was visited at his parent's home by a Kerry supporter canvassing the neighborhood. My friend read the ill kept young man the riot act, and told him he wouldn't talk with him until the kid screwed his head on straight. I could understand him venting on this (in my opinion) foolish young man. The lies that are being spun by the left side of the political spectrum are infuriating this year. Their prospective candidate for the Presidency is more about himself than the country (sounds like a previous Dem that occupied the White House for 8 years).

In regards to the 'no link' news, William Safire does a great job on it today.