Tuesday, November 06, 2007

First Snow

First Snow. That should be the name of the next Rambo movie. "Rambo single handedly destroys the first flurries of the season before the commie bastards can hit the ground!" But I digress. November 5th will go into the weather annals as the date of the first snowfall in my little corner of the world. I walked out on my deck at 10:30 and felt the familiar crunch of an accumulated snowfall. It wasn't much-the meteorologists would call it a trace-and it didn't stick to the warmer ground, but there it was on my elevated deck.

As long as I'm talking about the first snow of the year, I might as well take this opportunity to pass along a personal story. I met the lovely Mrs. Jib in 1995 while she was a freshman in college and I was a sophomore. One night during our pre-courtship phase, I was hanging out down in her dorm room with her and some others. The Ouija board was out and I was participating despite the dire warnings of my pastor during confirmation classes. One of the popular questions that night was the name of the person we'd marry. When we asked, the board started spelling out our names. We both held the marker to keep it from spelling our names all the way out. I ended up asking when the first snow fall of the year would be and the Ouija board said October 20. On October 20th, we ended up going to see To Die For starring Nicole Kidman-just as friends, mind you. On the drive back home, it started to snow, the first snow of the year. We started dating a month later and the rest was history.

If you ask her, she'll deny this accounting of things but I think that's just because she's creeped out by it. That's the way the Ouija board rumbled that night in the fall of 2005.

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