Thursday, November 01, 2007

How about Eunice?

Heh. The Huffington Post, ever moving discourse forward:

I knew of no equivalent names for female genitals---no affectionate, fun names made up by us women for ourselves. I wondered if it meant that men enjoyed sex more than women.

It didn't occur to me to try to make up names for my own sexual parts.

Naming is a kind of claiming--I see that now.

And hey, with "vajayjay" the zeitgeist lurched three steps forward.

Let's not stop.

Maybe we women can make up more names. Maybe some of us already have done so.

Playful, silly, proud and self-loving pet names.

Please ladies. Write them on this blog site if you are so inclined.

I post at the testosterone flooded Wisconsin Sports Bar. At no time have we had a junk nicknaming contest. I guess that does make the HuffPo more progressive than we neanderthals at a sports blog.

Post headline edited twice. First after being told the name was the nickname of someone close to me (oops), the second time because the lovely Mrs. Jib came up with a funnier nickname.

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