Sunday, November 18, 2007

A good secret that is not longer a secret

This is good. Too bad the New York Times couldn't find it in themselves to keep their national security undermining mouths shut:

Over the past six years, the Bush administration has spent almost $100 million on a highly classified program to help Gen. Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan’s president, secure his country’s nuclear weapons, according to current and former senior administration officials.

But with the future of that country’s leadership in doubt, debate is intensifying about whether Washington has done enough to help protect the warheads and laboratories, and whether Pakistan’s reluctance to reveal critical details about its arsenal has undercut the effectiveness of the continuing security effort.

The aid, buried in secret portions of the federal budget, paid for the training of Pakistani personnel in the United States and the construction of a nuclear security training center in Pakistan, a facility that American officials say is nowhere near completion, even though it was supposed to be in operation this year.

Thank you, Schulzberger et al, for blowing an important national secret in a very, very volatile part of the world. You just may get a Jiblog "Loose Lips Shink Ships" award for this one.

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