Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I just watched TMJ 4's coverage of the speech itself. It looks like Churchill talked mostly about himself and his essay. So much for that speech on racism he was contracted to give.


Evan Finch said...

I don not agree with that at all, that he didn't discuss what he was "contracted" to speak about. In fact, I don't get where you deduce that Chuchill was to only speak about racism (although he did spend a great deal of time on it). Chuchill is critical of the US and its policies, and he discussed this at greath length. Hell, that's what the whole essay was about.

Unfortunately, because of constant attacks from conservative jounralists and politicians, Chuchill had to use a significant portion of his time to defend himself; Churchill realizes that those people are striking out at his credibility, and as a result he had to preface his speech with retort.

I made a point on another blog earlier about some of the historical facts that Churchill discussed. I'd have to say he is pretty much dead on, seeing as my AP US History teacher discussed almost all those events at length when I was in high school. If people can't come to terms with the fact that the US is imperialistic, then they need a reality check. There are whole chapters in American History textbooks that outline the imperialistic and oppressive policies of the US.

I myself am a moderate and have a dandy time watching the liberals and conservatives go at it. The world is full of hypocrisy, and you're not any better than the next guy simply because you are some self-proclaimed flaming conservative.

Jib said...
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Jib said...

Evan, as you can see from the deleted comment, I originally decided to engage you on this topic. I've changed my mind. I'll let my readers make up their own minds on what you have to say without tossing in my 2 cents. I just have one request-I'm a self proclaimed son of a bitch conservative. Quote me correctly next time.