Saturday, October 08, 2005

The good that comes from Miers opposition

The Hedgehog Blog has various posts on the Miers nomination. His position is that Republicans should, despite the disappointment of some, "Cowboy Up" behind this nomination. That's all fine and good, and there should be a certain amount of falling in line with this choice, mostly because there is little that can be done about it now. This opposition has an important role, though, and it shouldn't be dismissed. It is sending a very clear political message to the President that a lot of people are no longer willing to watch Republican Presidents make nominations that are crap shoots. Democrats have heavily politicized the court. The only way to bring a balance back to the Supreme Court is for Republican Presidents to nominate reliably constructionist judges. He did not do that with this nomination, and his base is now tellling him that a crap shoot nomination is not acceptable should he get another one.

Look, unless Miers really screws up her hearings, she is going to be a Supreme Court Justice. The Democrats are going to do everything in their power to see to that in the hopes she'll be another O'Conner. Let this opposition play its role. The President is not infallible, and Republicans have not expressed feality to him. This opposition will be good in the long run, if the President learns from it. Trust me.

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