Monday, October 03, 2005


I've missed out on all of the Miers blogging, I'm sure. I've not read a single thing on the nomination, as this is my first moments on the computer today, but I've listened to Rush and to Hannity in the car today. Rush was somewhat soft-peddaling this nomination. Hannity wasn't happy, but he had Cheney on, and Cheney was doing his best to sell the choice. There are two problems with the choice that neither Rush nor Cheney can explain away. First, the odds of Miers being a strict constructionist are pretty low. Two, I think this further confirms that President Bush is no more a conservative than his father was.

W.C. Varones commented on my earlier post on Miers to say he didn't think that was going to be the choice. I had hoped he would be right. So much for that, but at least he can admit being wrong.

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