Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Blog as Historical Record, Update

A couple of days ago I ruminated over the blog's place as a historical record. I received an email from Mike Schramm, Editor of, that pointed me to this governmental effort to preserve web content. I will say that I do appreciate such an effort on the part of governments. Having said that, as someone who appreciates the American Revolution and this nation's founders, I do not want the Federal government to be the arbiter of preserved internet content. If you've read 1984, you understand my skepticism. I would much prefer seeing redundant preservation efforts by libraries, societies, and archives (and even individuals), as these repositories would prove much more resistant to any future overpowering and overbearing government than the Library of Congress would. I am not being paranoid by saying this as I do not believe we are at risk of a government that changes the historical record in this country. As a student of history, though, I do believe in guarding against the worst case scenario, because the "worst case" is rarely anticipated.

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