Wednesday, January 09, 2008

An observation from the past couple of weeks

The number of my friends on the right whose skin I've gotten under in the past few weeks is a good indicatorto me of how fractured the right is currently. I haven't even come close to deciding who I think is the best of this very imperfect class of presidential candidates, yet I've managed to irritate more than a few people who have strong feelings about some candidates. I have to say, as an undecided, it makes this field look even less attractive than it already looked. If disunity and hard feelings last into the general election, I think it becomes reasonable to wonder whether this party needs to be out of the presidency for four years in order to get its act together. I know the negatives involved with a Democratic presidency, but I've also watched this party get weaker and weaker the past 8 years. As the opposition, the right will be faced with the prospect of getting its act together or dying.

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