Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Random Presidential Politics Thoughts

-Do you ever get the feeling that the old Rockefeller Republicans snuck a giant, hollow wooden horse into the modern Republican party?

-I think we can all safely look back and say that Rudy Giuliani employed perhaps the dumbest strategy in recent presidential campaign history. Too bad for him there seemed to be a certain logic to it at one point.

-Maybe if Hillary sexually harassed and/or assaulted a few men, she too could be as popular as her husband used to be.

-If either nomination isn't settled by the time the primaries wrap up, I'd bet we still won't see the classic brokered convention. I'm sure deals would be struck long before a convention.

-If we do see a classic brokered convention, this is going to be one of the shortest and most brutal Republican-Democrat presidential slug fests we've ever seen. Can you imagine the hay makers that'll be thrown if one party can't decide on their candidate until the end of summer, just two plus months before the general election?

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