Friday, January 04, 2008

Has conservatism really neglected Evangelicals?

I've done a lot of reading lately on the presidential race. One thing that I've read several times is that Evangelicals are tired of being neglected in the conservative Republican party, and that is part of the reason for the rise of Huckabee. The problem with this line of thought is that I haven't actually seen an Evangelical use it-only pundits. Because of that, I'm not really sure about its validity. After all, what the hell do people consider George W. Bush to be, an agnostic? Bush is the most religious president since Jimmy Carter. I hardly think that Evangelicals can complain after 8 years of the "compassionate" conservatism of George W. Bush. Just because Bush was terrible at pushing through domestic agenda doesn't mean that the Republican party has used and abused the Evangelicals of the religious right. If that is the case, maybe they should sit this election out and remember what a Democrat presidency is like for the next four years.

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