Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Terror of the Trees

It is an extremely windy night here in southern Wisconsin, and I absolutely hate nights like this. My house is bordered by a number of trees. Most of the time, I love my trees, but I get antsy when severe thunderstorms and extremely windy day/nights come along. The last thing I want is one of those trees to come down on my house or a neighbors' house. So about ten minutes ago when I heard the crack and crash during a wind gust, I jumped nearly as high out of my recliner as the cat did, and she's a leaper. It wasn't my house, so I did a quick perimeter check to make sure it wasn't one of my trees. Thankfully it wasn't, but by the sounds of it, somebody in the neighborhood just had their nice warm night of sleep ruined. Trees are dirty bastards that way. They just give, give, give, but the day that they decide to take, you're screwed.

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