Thursday, January 10, 2008

Miscellaneous Thoughts

-I wish I would have started this blog 6 months earlier. If I had, I'd be an experienced primaries blogger right now instead of a rookie.

-I am pleased that this site was around for the general election, though. That experience will hopefully add insight to posts later in the year.

-The Republican convention in Minnesota is either going to be terribly dull or the most compelling convention since 1968.

-I'm glad that I don't base my self opinion on the opinion of others, because if I did, I wouldn't know if I was a oppressive Christian, a near secular opponent of the Christian right, a free market freak, a RINO conservative who isn't anywhere close to a free market Republican, a part of "Establishment Conservatism", or an outsider to the conservative movement. Directly or indirectly, I've been lumped into all those categories in the last month by people who think I don't fit in their group. Finding a lunch table in high school was easier than dealing with all these cliques.

-Fraley writes an excellent piece on the presidential nominations not being reality shows, but unfortunately, that's how we treat them, and this actually pre-dates the advent of reality shows.

-A little known fact about me-one my wife probably doesn't even know: I make a habit of keeping my mouth closed when on roller coasters. Why? It keeps out bugs, but more importantly, it keeps out the vomit of any weak stomached riders in front of you.

-I made the above rule after watching workers at Six Flags disinfect the Batman ride after someone in the front seats puked during a ride. They left the contents of their stomach all over the rows behind them.

-Speaking of Six Flags, the lovely Mrs. Jib says you haven't lived until you've ridden a roller coaster backwards.

-I'm going to miss incandescent light bulbs in the winter time. It is often said that they waste a lot of energy through heat loss, but in the cold Wisconsin winters, that heat is anything but lost. In fact, if I were smarter and loved math the way I did when I was ten, I'd work up an experiment to show how much less my furnace runs when I have my living room lights on.

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