Monday, January 07, 2008

Crib Notes

If you haven't been a reader of this blog from the beginning, then you are probably unfamiliar with my 'Crib Notes' feature, so I'd like to briefly re-introduce it. When I don't have the time to write several in depth posts on topics that are on my mind, I like to do one of these brief posts with quick hitters on those topics. Below are some of the things that are on my mind today.

-Fog lead to a 100 car pile up on I-90 in my area on Sunday. Some make the point that it wasn't the fog but the people who were driving too fast for conditions that led to the accident. I agree that those who were driving to fast played a big part. Let's not let the other bad drivers off the hook, however. I drove in fog that was worse the previous night in Madison. The biggest concern I had was less the speeders and more the people who slammed on their breaks hard whenever the drove into thicker fog. Drivers like that are usually let off the hook because they are deemed cautious, but their habit of abruptly slowing rather than gradually slowing are what triggers messes like this.

-A few readers wonder who I support for the Republican presidential nomination. Truth be told, I haven't made up my mind yet, and when I do I'm not sure I'm going to stump for them via this blog until the general election. I can say one thing. The first test I put a candidate through in my mind, before I get to any ideology, is, "is there a better than average likelihood that this person could be a good president?" Giuliani, Romney, Thompson, McCain, and Duncan Hunter have passed that test in my mind. Paul and Huckabee have not, and neither will get my vote under any circumstances.

-As for those candidates that past that first test, what I am left to grapple with is what I'm willing to give on in order to get other characteristics that I want in a president.

-Hillary Clinton's crocodile tears today were, in my opinion, very calculated and intentional. They'll also backfire on her.

-I think I'm the last person in the world to get a Razr, so that fad is obviously over. To all you trend setters with Razrs, time to get a new phone.

-With Wisconsinites in shorts as temperatures rise into the un-January like 50's, it is clear that global warming is back with a vengeance after taking a month long vacation in Bermuda. Grab your ankles.

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