Saturday, October 08, 2005

For the Kids...

I am not the type who has a reflexive opposition to school referendums. I am also not the type who likes to write blanks checks to school districts. So if a school district makes a good enough case to me for why it needs more funds and outlines how they plan to spend the money, I do consider voting yes. But I absolutely hate it when kids are used as the bargaining chip. Do not tell me I'm voting yes for the kids, because you are only antagonizing a potential yes vote from me. Teachers and administrators have much nicer benefit programs than I do and at a much lower price to them. Until they take cuts that those of us in the private sector have, I refuse to believe this is for the kids. It is as much about preserving nice things for the adults who work at the schools.

In the case of my local school district, they've done a nice job of convincing me that they've worked hard to cut non-admistrative/teacher costs, and they've done a so-so job of telling exactly how the money will be spent. I was leaning yes until I saw the above signs pop up around town. The "Vote Yes for Kids" campaign may have just pissed away my vote.

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