Sunday, October 09, 2005

NFL pet peeve

I'm watching the Cowboys handle the Eagles, and with less than two minutes left in the half, Cowboy quarterback Drew Bledsoe scrambled up the middle and slid a yard short of the first down. No harm, no foul in this case, but that may be my biggest pet peeve in NFL. Yes, you are an important NFL quarterback. But stay on your feet and get the yard, you pansy.

And as for the Packers victory today. It was a pleasant three hours of Packer football, but it didn't change my opinion of this team. Medicocre teams occasionally have big games. Think about two things. First, this was the most points scored by the Packers since 1983-a mediocre team. Barnet's interception return for a TD was the longest since 1986 (a game I remember). Again, the '86 team was mediocre. They've not turned a corner, they just came up against a team worse off than they are.

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