Monday, January 08, 2007

Accepting various currencies

I'm not seeing the big deal here.
Mexican pesos won't buy you much north of the border. But from Monday they'll buy you a pizza.

A Dallas-based pizza chain which caters to the Hispanic community is accepting the Mexican currency at all of its 59 U.S. stores starting on Monday, giving the greenback some unusual competition at the cash register.

"Unlike many other businesses for us it makes sense. Our stores are located in predominately Hispanic communities and so the majority of our customers are Hispanic," said Andrew Gamm, director of brand development for Pizza Patron.

If accepting pesos helps them better serve their clientelle, I don't see what makes this particularly noteworthy. When I was younger, some friends and I had to spend a week in Detroit. We ended up with a lot of extra time on our hands, so we spent an afternoon in Windsor, Ontario. We were quite thankful for the many businesses that were happy to take American dollars. Now if this business only accepted the peso, then there would be a news story.

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