Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"Send his daughters"

I'm watching the news on Milwaukee's NBC channel and they flashed up a quote from a woman that said something to the effect of 'Send President Bush's daughters to Iraq, then.' I hate that stupid, tired, old idea and I'm disappointed that TMJ4 felt the need to give it more play. If there was a draft in place right now, I'd probably just shrug off that over used comment because it at least would have some pertinence. But with an all volunteer military, the fact is every soldier signed on knowing that they might have to serve long, hard tours in a theater of war. They were not forcibly placed into military service, which is exactly what that comment requests of the President's daughters. I respect our soldiers beyond belief for making that decision, and I'm sympathetic to their parents and loved ones who worry about them and get frustrated, but please, stop with the vapid "send his daughters" comment already.

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