Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wedding value

I'm tooling through my feed reader right now, and I came across this article on wedding locations in Lake Geneva. It amused me, and here's why. I'm sure that there are many wonderful places to have a wedding or a reception in Lake Geneva, but the lovely Mrs. Jib and I had just as nice a wedding at a fraction of the cost. We got married here in town in a lovely white church. It was a spring day, ahead of the wedding onslaught in June, and we were blessed with absolutely perfect weather. Our reception was held at a site on the shores of a local lake, and as dinner was served the sun began to set in the picture window behind us, right over the lake. There were some hiccups along the way-a passing in my family the previous week, our car started smoking on the way to the hall (as it came out of the squirrel cage, it looked like her dress was smoking-hubba hubba), and one of her relatives had some health problems just before the dinner. Despite those hiccups, I dare say that we had a picture perfect wedding, and we did so without having to break the bank with the type of wedding that I'm sure can be had in places like Lake Geneva.

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