Thursday, February 08, 2007

Almost back to the 9/10 world

I can't shake the feeling the we've almost completely returned to the world as it was for us on September 10, 2001. Do you remember that summer? The news was obsessed with Chandra Levy's murder. Tragedy though her death was, it turned the respectable media into sensationalizing machines. And we were all transfixed. Our world lacked a certain seriousness, and we seem to be right back where we were as our attentions get gobbled up by crazy, diaper wearing astronauts and the young deaths of c-list celebrities. In listening to some normal people chat, it seems as though they dislike the war in Iraq because it is depressing, and it is the one thing holding them back from being back in that happy go lucky world of September 10th. It is concerning because while we may try to recreate that 9-10 world, it will never change the fact that we will never again be as safe as we believed we were that day. If we self-delude ourselves by buying into our re-creation, it is going to make us much less prepared for that next threat.

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