Sunday, February 25, 2007


We're over at over a foot of snow total since snow start on Friday, but last night's contribution was uglier than the previous night's. The lovely Mrs. Jib came home from work this morning but couldn't make it down our street. After it was plowed, she couldn't make it in the driveway because the plow had left boulders of snow stacked there. I fired up the snowblower (best purchase I've ever made), and it handled the snow okay, but neighbors with smaller snowblowers were struggling. People who were shoveling really struggled with the concrete-like snow.

I helped a few neighbors out by blowing their sidewalks, and the teamwork that they showed me was very nice to see. While I quickly cleared their water laden snow, they cleaned up the schnivels I left behind on my sidewalk and cleared the small walk up to my house. I've heard a lot of stories about the stupid and pig headed people who had trouble with the snow last night, but I've also heard a lot of stories about people helping one another. The difficult people make you shake your head, but the people helping each other more than makes up for it.

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