Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happy Lent from James Cameron

Self-proclaimed king of the world James Cameron is about to make himself the talk of the Christian world, and a lot of the talk isn't going to be very Christian-like because he is going to declare that archaeologists have found the bodies/caskets of Jesus and his family.

Digging for controversy, the Titanic filmmaker James Cameron and Simcha Jacobovici are about to stun Christians the world over with a docu-drama that claims archaeologists have located the casket of Jesus.

The inscribed box, with some human remains still inside, apparently was crammed into an old cave near Talpiyot, an industrial zone in Jerusalem, alongside nine other two thousand year-old sarcophagi allegedly containing the bodies of Mother Mary, the carpenter Joseph, a little-known brother called Jofah, Mary Magdalene, and, most surprisingly of all, Jesus's son Judah, who technically could be considered the grandson of God.

It sounds like Cameron is going to hold a press conference on this on Monday. It does pay to note the timing of this. Cameron just happened to roll this out at the beginning of Lent, which will probably ensure that it will remain a topic of conversation until Easter and generate ample publicity for his documentary on this story, which will be on the Discovery Channel prior to Easter.

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