Thursday, February 08, 2007

More Unsolicited Advice

Over at Boots & Sabers, Owen offers up a good list of recommendations to newer bloggers in a post entitled "Unrequested and Unwanted Advice." I recommend it if you are looking to improve your blogging. It inspired me to come up with my own list, although mine may not be as useful for you.

1. Quit your job. It has always been in your way, anyway. Now you'll have that extra 8 hours a day for blogging and the big money that bloggers make.
2. Content is important, but if you are in a bind, pictures and videos will tide you over. Nobody will notice!
3. Feel free to be a sporadic blogger. After all, it's you blogging! The people will come regardless!
4. Suck up to the big bloggers. Previous waves of bloggers have relied on this strategy, and the big bloggers really, really love it when you do so.
5. Cute cat pictures=winner!
6. Take up drinking. Yeah, it may get you in trouble once in a while, but you can always go into rehab and plead for forgiveness.
7. I didn't believe this one either until I saw it, but posting pictures of ugly politicos in banana hammocks works. Seriously.
8. If you choose to blog on Blogger, non-Blogger bloggers will expect you to blog your blogpologies for the blogferior blog service you use. You can complain about Blogger all you want, but never apologize for being a cheapskate like the rest of us here.
9. Work the word blog into posts and create new bloggy words as much as you can-people love it. Make it your quest to write a sentence that uses "blog" in every word (AKA Bloglatin; see #8).
10. Imitate the Instpaundit style of excerpting and linking with little or no analysis. There is never enough of that out there.
11. Be prepared for the fame and fortune that is destined to you from blogging!

I should note that most of the above is tounge in cheek, with a few grains of truth. If you rely on Owen's advice, you'll do well for yourself. If you rely on mine, I really can't be held responsible for the results.

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