Tuesday, February 13, 2007

From The Land of Milk and Honey Weiss

Last Saturday I went out to capture some pictures of my hometown of Chippewa Falls, but events conspired against me a little. There was a harsh winter light on Saturday afternoon, and I didn't want to use it for the pictures I had in mind. I had some places in mind that would have made for great pictures in that type of light, but most of them required some walking, and the drinking I had done with my father the previous made me highly resistant to walks. So I give you two photos. One is a shot of the Leinenkugel Brewery, a staple for me. The other is of the "Rainbow Bridge" over Duncan Creek.

The Rainbow Bridge is a great subject in the fall when the leaves are at peak color, and it is also quite good early in winter before the creek freezes. I had to get this shot, though, because they are debating whether to repair or rip down this memorable bridge located just down the hill from where I spent my early childhood.

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