Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Save the Italian wines from global warming!

The global warming hand wringing just keeps getting more and more absurd.

Imagine a world where Scandinavia produces wines to rival Italy's fabled Chianti region. It could come to just that by the end of the century, experts in Italy warn, if global warming continues unchecked.

A study by Florence University linking the effects of rain and temperature to wine production found that increasingly high temperatures and intense rains are likely to threaten the quality of Tuscan wines. Italy's farmers association warned the cultivation of olive trees, which grow in a mild climate, has almost reached the Alps.

"This rise in temperatures will continue in the next years, and they will be too high and unfavorable for the quality of wine," because they cause the grapes to over-ripen, said Simone Orlandini, an agronomist at Florence University and co-author of the study.

Let's say the earth warms to the extent the doomsayers predict. People will adapt-we're pretty good at it, and it is a lot easier for us to adapt to more warmth than more cold. I for one look forward to a good Norwegian wine.

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