Thursday, February 22, 2007

Random throw-away thoughts

*It took Britney Spears to make Kevin Federline look responsible and respectable. He still isn't, but he does look that way compared to her.

*Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle still looks like Droopy Dog, only less cool.

*Las Vegas was a violent place during the recent NBA All-Star weekend, but if you thought that was bad, wait until next year when the NBA All-Star game heads to New Orleans. What's next for the game, Detroit during Halloween?

*You can tell that your cat is really not feeling well when, faced with the option, it throws up on a hard floor instead of punishing you by doing it on the carpet.

*I've noticed there are a lot of Dayight Savings Time haters out there. Well, consider me a Standard Time hater. I'll take that hour of light in the evening over the hour of light in the morning every time.

*It seems like everyone I know is fleeing to warmer places this weekend. This clearly means that I'm going to have to suffer through miserable weather this weekend with nothing to do.

*I still don't get the gyroball.

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