Saturday, February 24, 2007

Round One to Mother Nature

Here in Wisconsin, along with large swaths of the nation's midsection, we are facing the biggest "white death" of the year. The weather forecasting services have been particularly squeamish on settling on a prediction for the final snow depth from this storm, so until this evening I assumed we would get less snow than the hype led us to believe. I think that assumption is going to be wrong. At 8:30, here in my little slice of south central Wisconsin, there was no new snow on the ground and just a couple of flurries floating in the air. At 9 pm, I was surprised to see that there was about a half inch of snow on the ground. 15 minutes ago at midnight, I went outside and did a quick measure of the new snowfall. That measurement came to 5 1/4 three and a half hours. Tonight was supposed to be the light night of this storm. It looks like we are going to see one of our deepest snowfalls in several years.

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