Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Indulgences for a New Age

Heh. I think Aaron is on to something here.

Van Bakel rightly points out that this is an amusing tactic. The concept of a “carbon footprint” is relatively new. Now we’re being told that in the Church of Global Warming the sinners can redeem themselves by purchasing credits against their transgressions.

Well, that’s “An Awfully Convenient Loophole” (I call movie rights on that one). How often have we been told that the science behind global climate changeis not exact? Yet, somehow we understand it enough to say that one tree equals X number of hair driers? If that’s really the case, shouldn’t we be able to calculate the environmental impact of all man kind?

Do you understand why it’s dangerous to the environmental movement to quantify global warming? If they did, it means that we could actually calculate how much change is actually necessary. We’d have an attainable (or not) goal of how many trees to plant and megawatts to convert to nuclear energy. Then, they’d all have to shut up because we’ve solved the problem.

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