Thursday, March 01, 2007

Left to benefit from Haliburton?

Ahhh. Sometimes real life events are just too delicious to appropriately put into words. Take this, for example.

But the latest move by globe trotting, hyper-liberal billionaire George Soros borders on being too much. According to papers filed with the SEC, in the fourth quarter of 2006 Soros purchased nearly 2 million shares of ... hold your breath ... Halliburton. The Halliburton shares reportedly went for an average purchase price of $31.30 a share. That puts Soros' total investment in Halliburton at around $62.6 million, or about 2 percent of his total portfolio.

So if Soros pours money into the 2008 presidential campaign, does that mean the those on the left who have lambasted the evil Haliburton and Dick Cheney for years are going to now be indirectly benefiting from George Soros' profits from Haliburton?

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