Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The browser blues

It is official. I loathe Firefox. It reminds me of that pain in the rump, Netscape 6.X. Here are my two most common problems with it. First, it will completely lock up on me. It is completely unpredictable on this count. Sometimes I can have 8 tabs open, some of which are memory intensive, and it will run like a dream. Other times, I'll have three tabs open to simple pages and I need to go to the old ctrl-alt-del to get out of it. The other problem that I have is that it will lock me into one tab. That tab will operate correctly, but it will be impossible for me to switch to another tab. This is particularly obnoxious when I'm blogging and flipping between tabs for a post. I was promised a great browser by all the Firefox lovers; I didn't get one.

Unfortunately, the three main alternatives on my computer are no better. My beloved Netscape 7.x browser is now useless. I'm not fond of Netscape's decision to drop its own engine and use IE and Firefox in 8.X. And I still hate IE. So I am going to continue to use Firefox, but I'm not happy about it.

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