Thursday, March 29, 2007

Throwing free speech (and logic) out the window with campaign laws

Okay, let me get this straight. It is my prerogative if I do this:


On the other hand, if I do this-

-then someone can lodge a complaint because there is no disclaimer.

My how we've trodden all over free speech with our campaign laws and regulations.

Let me add one thing. The fact that there is even a question over whether or not it is okay to have a web button without a disclaimer is the problem here. The button is in all likelihood legal, but with all of the various Federal and State campaign laws and regulations out there, it is getting to the point where a person needs a lawyer to wade through them all to be sure, and even then you might be one court decision away from finding that the government is allowed to regulate your speech because of the form of it or the forum in which it is spoken, contrary to what the whole "Bill of Rights" thing says.

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