Thursday, March 01, 2007

Yawn. Wake me in '08

I'm reading everything there is about the 2008 Presidential candidates, mostly because the race is sucking all the oxygen out of the news worlds. Despite that, I'd sooner slam my hand in a door while drinking Bud then start pontificating heavily on the Democrat and Republican candidates. There are already pieces of conventional wisdom forming on the race, and people are predicting the nominees will be all but chosen by September. I hate to disappoint everyone, but today's conventional wisdom is going to be junk a month from now, and April's c.w. will be garbage by May. Money is going to be important in this race, but there will be enough to go around. We're going to go into next year like we go into every Presidential election year-wondering which of two or three candidates on each side will win their party's nomination.

There are a number of reasons that we are seeing this election cycle start at an unholy early date, but the one that I think is a little neglected is the fact that for the first time there is a fully developed "Punditocracy of Davids" that are feeding the beast. The 7th year of a presidency is a typical lull year, so we've all started looking towards the next big event on the horizon, the election. The more we talk, the more the media talks, and the more the politicians talk, and in turn we talk some more. Can't we just have a year of memes and timewasters in the blogosphere, please?

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