Friday, December 29, 2006

Focus, please

I'm watching coverage of Saddam Hussein's execution, and I'm struck by how unfocused the conversations are and how many talking heads want to tie this back into the situation on the ground and how it will not help matters. Of course Saddam's death plays no major role in the situation on the ground. That's not the point here, people. This is about justice for his bloody crimes. The situation on the ground is quite seperate. The fatalism I'm hearing is making me ill. If you're going to talk about Saddam's execution, talk about his execution and quit confusing the issue by crying about how bad things have become in Iraq. And frankly, I don't trust any General that comes on TV and repeatedly says "we can't." With attitudes like that, of course we won't. Give me the Generals that say, "we will," because they mean what they say and they find ways to accomplish their objectives, even if they face setbacks and less than favorable turns of events. Give me a nation that has the courage to say "we will" and put the effort into getting it done.

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