Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lethal Wiipon

When the Nintendo Wii first came out, I was more than a little surprised that controller did not have a some sort of a knob on it, much like a baseball bat does to help hitters maintain a grip. Now Nintendo is issuing a statement on Wii controller safety.

Nintendo Co. Ltd. has some cautionary advice for players of its Wii video game console: when waving the controller, use the wrist strap, keep your palms dry and, whatever you do, don't let go.

The Wii has been pitched as a cheap alternative to pricier machines from Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp., but some gamers complain they are facing unexpected costs after losing their grip on the console's remote control and smashing their televisions and other appliances.

I know a knob is not attractive and stylish, but they had to have seen this coming.

(Disclosure: I'm actually not all that interested in this story, but I was excited about making the Wiipon Wii pun in the title).

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