Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Random hurricane thoughts

*Those who suffered losses from hurricane Katrina should be in all of our thoughts and prayers.

*The MSM (and some blogs, I might add), are simply morbid. The sensationalist reporting on this storm is enough to make a person gag. In fact, I have a term for it-environmental apocolypsism. Now that New Orleans has been spared from people sharing telephone poles with fire ants, it seems the media is moving on to type of sensationalism-economic apocolypsism.

*This would be a justified example of tapping the strategic oil reserves, but I'm still inclined not to do so. While another sharp increase in gasoline prices may be difficult for Americans to deal with economically and psychologically, it may also be the shock needed for the energy market to go through some necessary reorganization. I am betting that once this shock wears off, we'll see a strong and steady decrease in the price of a barrel of oil.

*It's nice to see reporters are still hungry to make their mark, but I will always question the judgement of an individual who stands in 140 mph hour winds to give a live report. This annoying little reporting formula will continue until a reporter gets impaled by debris during a live report.

*If I see one more Katrina and the Waves pun, I'm going to start going .38 Special on some media heinies.

I'm loosening up on my criticism of "apocolypsism" now that New Orleans is being inundated by the waters of Lake Ponchartrain. New Orleans may have been spared the worst case scenario, but it definitely isn't having things easy.

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