Saturday, June 24, 2006

Boobs, hardly newsmen

For the New York Daily News, catching terrorists isn't legit unless you catch them once their plot is fully in place, Jack Bauer style. The Daily News has this to say in a piece entitled: "7 boobs, hardly bombers":

But the strikes on the FBI's Miami field office and the Sears Tower in Chicago - a well-publicized target of nabbed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed - were mere fantasy (italics mine).

I see. For the Daily News, it is unacceptable to upset the apple cart of terrorist plans before they are an immediate threat. The fact remains, and I'll use the Daily News' own words here:

"The alleged cell gave a cooperating witness, who they thought was an "Al Qaeda representative," a wish list of military gear. The members even gave their shoe sizes for the combat boots that the informant provided.

Looks like a strong enough indication of intent to me. Something tells me that the inserted editorial comments in that article would have been different if the plot had been against, say, the Lincoln Tunnel or Madison Sqaure Garden, both of which are in the Daily News' neighborhood.

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