Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dr. Paranoia

I skim the Huffington Post, usually for the comedic relief of reading many of the absurd posts. One that had stuck out to me was a post by one Dr. Peter Rost. Dr. Rost is apparently the king of paranoia. In a post titled How a Public Relations Firm Helped Start the War, Rost discussed a little bit about how disturbed he was that he thought his writings were being monitored the government and the Rendon Group. Despite his paranoia, Rost is apparently a good researcher. A commentor to his writings sarcasticly mentioned what an outrage it was that people in the government his public writing. Rost figured out through internet research that the commentor was a University of Wisconsin grad who is now the HuffPo's technology manager. He wrote another paranoid post at the HuffPo about that, which, for a time, the HuffPo yanked and later reinstated.

Keep this in mind when reading the HuffPo. Read the bios of the authors, and get to know some of their past ramblings. The HuffPo technology manager that Rost outed was dead on with his comment...if you are publicly writing your opinion, those who you are criticizing might actually read what you wrote. Even government. If you can't handle that, don't write. But just because they are reading what you write, it doesn't mean that anyone is out to get you. If there is one weakness with blogs today it is that some writers are given more credibility than they deserve, and despite Rost's accomplishments at Pfizer, he is one of them. And Arianna Huffington gives a lot of credibility to people like Rost who don't deserve it.

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