Wednesday, June 07, 2006

In Re Today's Media Covering D-Day

Charlie Sykes has posted a satirical look (Via Boortz) at how the media of today would have covered D-Day. The fictional report on D-Day hits all of the big points right on. The only flaw is today's media would have been reporting on D-Day from a hotel in London. The dangers of the day's mission would have been obvious, and they wouldn't have gone. Now, some of today's TV media superstars would have tried to tape reports from the hedgerows in the coming days, thinking all was safe, but as for D-Day, nada.

As an aside, I keep thinking of the time Geraldo Rivera was imbedded with some troops and the convoy took fire. First, I think he soiled himself. Then he started talking about running out to help those in a truck in the convoy, and he nearly had to be held down and kept in the vehicle by the troops. Can you imagine Geraldo trying to report from the beaches of Normandy?

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