Wednesday, June 28, 2006

You poor women

And I do mean that...your are getting poorer buying underwear, and you shouldn't be taken advantage of in this way. I was reading this web exclusive piece at Time about the supossedly growing American bosom. In that article was a link to what I guess is some sort of super bra. The damn thing is $66!

Look, we guys love you ladies, and we do appreciate it when our wives/girlfriends (as the case may be) buy frilly underthings. Most of the time, the frilly underthings at Walmart would be sufficient for us, but most of us realize that there is a comfort component for you, which is why we are cool with Vicky's. But 66 bones? For a guy to buy underwear that cost $66, it would have to have a built in cooler, universal remote, a power drill, and it would have to come with an optional Lazy Boy.

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