Monday, June 19, 2006

June 19th

June 19th is a tough day for the Jib clan. 12 years ago on this date, our family matriarch and my grandmother passed away somewhat unexpectedly. It was a tough Father's Day for everyone in the family, but particularly for my dad, uncles, and aunts. When Grandpa died in the early 1960's, he left Grandma to take care of 12 kids, the oldest 15 years old and the youngest just barely conceived. In such a situtation back then, it was not unusual for the tribe or band to take young American Indian children back to the reservation. Somehow Grandma kept the family together with her, despite being legally blind in one eye and unable to work. A lot transpired between that day when Grandpa passed on and her passing over thirty years later, but she was always the glue that bound the family together. Thank you, Grandma.

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