Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Flag burning amendment dead

I really wish I could get worked up about this, but I just can't. I'm a Rick Monday fan because I detest flag burners and I respect him for saving a flag from a lighter. I just don't feel so strongly about it that I think it should be outlawed. Flag burning is disrespectful and somewhat childish, but I do not see the greater harm in it that requires that we ban it on the Federal level. In fact, I quite approve of people dispelling for me any doubts that I may have of their idiocy.

There is only one way that I could have gotten on board with an amendment, and I came to it via the comments on this post at PurpleSlog:

I’d prefer a “federalist” flag burning amendment — The Right of the States to ban desecration of the Flags of the several States or of the United States shall not be infringed — but demonstrating the harm the Courts have had through the amendment would not be a bad thing.

I can handle states making this call much easier than I can the Feds doing so.

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