Monday, June 12, 2006

Unintended consequences, Volume 233,492,958

About the extra Hummer armor:
Thousands of pounds of armor added to military Humvees, intended to protect U.S. troops, have made the vehicles more likely to roll over, killing and injuring soldiers in Iraq, a newspaper reported.

"I believe the up-armoring has caused more deaths than it has saved," said Scott Badenoch, a former Delphi Corp. vehicle dynamics expert told the Dayton Daily News for Sunday editions.

Big oops, huh? I'd like all those who pounded the Hummer armor issue into the ground to come forward and apologize for their stupidity, please. After all, what's good for the Bush is good for the gander, right? Please give me that apology so I can flout your admission of being wrong over and over and over again. Thank you.

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