Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Common sense in Canada

Have you been ready the Canadian papers since authorities broke the terror ring in Ontario? They are showing much more common sense than what I'm accustomed to from Canadian papers.
Be sickened. Be frightened. Be angry. But don't you dare be shocked.

Unless you've been had.

Either way, the time has long passed for domestic bliss born of ignorance, virtue and wilful denial.

For everyone who thought Canada could cower in a corner of the planet, unnoticed and unthreatened by evil men — even when the most menacing of a very bad lot has twice referenced this country as a target for attack — take a good, hard look at what's been presented and what's being alleged.

Now the questions remains, when this story fades out of the news, and it is no longer quite so insulting to the decency of most Canadians, will the common sense remain?

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