Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Joe Lieberman

Ya know, if Joe Lieberman postured himself as a Republican, most of us conservatives would loath him. As a Democrat, though, he commands a certain amount of respect from many of us for his willingness to stand up for his Scoop Jackson-esque values. That's why I can't believe the mistake the Democrats, led by the Kossacks, are making. With Lieberman, they had an ounce of influence on the Republican Party. Instead, they are choosing to hang him out to dry, even his former running mate Al Gore (HT Jenna & Patrick). If they push Lieberman to make a run for Senate as an Independent, he'll probably win. And he may continue to caucus with the Democrats, but he will be forever a wild card vote, one that may end up on the Republican side as often as on the Democrat side. They just created a Jim Jeffords for themselves out of a reliable liberal. Congrats to the Kossacks on another brilliant political victory. Thank goodness for the enlightenment of the far lefty bloggers.

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