Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Let 'em launch it

North Korea is now trying to get the United States to the bargaining table in exchange for them dropping their ballistic missile test. To do so would be a huge mistake. It would only reinforce the belief held in Pyonyang and Tehran that they can threaten nations and get their way. Instead, let them fire it and make them deal with all of the consequences of doing so. Pyonyang has cornered itself, and we should keep them in that corner for now. And when they do test it, we should try to shoot the damn thing down. It would be a useful test for the new missile defense systems. If it works, then it translates into a big political and diplomatic victory. If it doesn't, then we have some real life data to work with to make the system better, which is more important than any possible political embarassment over a failed attempt.

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